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We want to share our shocking, funny, embarrassing, and insightful pregnancy and motherhood stories. We hope you will join in the fun and share the things you wished somebody had told you, too.

How Safe is Your Kids

Posted By Wairok P Makunga on Sep 6, 2012 at 6:02AM

Kids are the wealth of the family

Being a mom, always worried about my kids security. I always want things to be perfect when it comes for my kids. My long searched turns out to be quit successful and interesting that i found a right place to communicate with my family members in a safety way.

My kids love to play games and chat with their grandparents but i don't want my kids to access any of the grown up social networking sites as they are not meant for kids below 13yrs of age. Still many  kids are accessing those sites and that make us more worried. As per the latest survey that around 7.3m kids have account on Facebook.We can't blame them as they are on learning stage and they love to explore things more than us. It's us(Parents) who should help them by choosing a right portal where all the family members including kids can access the site. Their safety is our first priority and helping them to choose the right path is our responsibilities. 

Me and my family are happy and less worried as we have joined the private social networking site for families called Gungroo. Gungroo aims to provide the safe web presence for kids. Gungroo enables  you and your families communicate in a whole new way where no outsider can disturb or intrude. 

The interesting part is that when parents signs up on www.gungroo.com, they get to be the manager of their family and create a private social network. A family manager sets up kids account and invite other family members to join. This way uninvited guest over comes bothering the family or the kids. Using plugins for Gmail, Facebook, etc, Gungroo enables kids to cross-post on various other social sites and allows them to communicate with the rest of the world. All this while the parents can filter out spam and disallow posts that can harm kids.

Its an amazing experienced me and my families came across in Gungroo. I know there are might be many parents across the world who are worried same like me, trying to look out the best for their kids and families. Nothing is too late to start a new safe and happy journey. BETTER BE SAFE THAN SORRY.

Hope you and your family will have a nice time on Gungroo as well. See for ref: https://www.gungroo.com/compare , https://www.gungroo.com/how-it-works 

Love of Nature

Posted By Wairok P Makunga on Sep 6, 2012 at 5:33AM

God's wonderful Work

I wish if i can explore all the beautiful places on this earth, I wish if i can meet all my childhood friends, i wish if i can have a happy ending life, I wish if i never blame my friends for the mistakes. Wishes and dreams might not come true but still continue to wish. Just prayed that this life of mine will continue as per the God's plan. 

Worst Stuff That Happens To Your Body When Pregnant

Posted By Eden Godsoe on Jun 6, 2011 at 9:35AM

I thought people would enjoy this list of things that happen to your body when pregnant.  I know pregnancy is beautiful thing and many women feel super sexy when pregnant. But the truth is a lot of weird and not-so-pleasant stuff happens to your body. Here is a nice concise list that includes things like (get ready) Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Edema and other fun things.  Enjoy!



Back Pains

Why didn't anyone tell me that sometimes it takes weeks for a newborn to learn to breastfeed?

Posted By snapperdoodle on Mar 17, 2011 at 2:29PM

I thought it was going to be so easy and natural. My mother had breastfed all three of us, and never seemed to have any problems. I took a breastfeeding class to make sure I knew what I was in for, but apparently they didn't tell me everything...

When my son was born in January, I was fully prepared to breastfeed, but he screamed and cried when we tried to get him to latch on. The lactation specialist at the hospital was certain he had some abnormality of his mouth or tongue-tie, and the doctors told me that probably wasn't the case and to wait it out. Now, when you've just given birth, you're on very little sleep and have raging hormones, this is not  a good time to hear two specialists arguing  over your son's health. I left the hospital with a breast pump, assorted breastfeeding gadgets, and some backup formula. I felt like I was letting him down.

I was determined to keep trying anyway, and my perserverence paid off. Suddenly, at 6 weeks of age with the help of a nipple shield, he figured it out and got down to business! I then read online that others experienced the same thing around the 6th week, and that not all babies are able or willing to latch on right after birth. We've had our ups and downs since then, and he's not 100% breastfed,  but things are going better.

General question

Posted By ceri0909 on Feb 5, 2011 at 1:09PM

Hi there, just a question realy i started the depo shot in 19th march 09 and after 1 shot (12 weeks)  i stopped it. Then on 11th oct 09 i started microgynon 30 i took the 1st packet and the beginning of the second for 2 weeks them stopped.  I  have had my period on the31st jan 2011 they vary from 26 days to 28 but im worried as this period was different from the rest i had spots, cramps, feel sick and tired and i noticed the smell was alot different from usual it smelt as i have just given birth again im not pregnant but my toddler is 4 so how come my period smell like this??? please help im very worried i have had my smear all great and im not on contraception now and i dont have any infections...

Why didn't anyone tell me that along with motherhood would come my first full frontal moment?

Posted By MishL on Jan 13, 2011 at 4:20PM

How was I supposed to know?!  I went shopping with my two girls.  They were both being VERY good and by good I mean quiet!  I picked up a few items and had laid them across the top of my double stroller when a very sweet sales girl came over to me and offered to start up a fitting room.  She kept checking on me and when it was finally time for me to try on all my possibly new threads, she told me that she had set up my fitting room in the men's section so that I could have more space with the two girls!  "You are so sweet!", I said.  I strolled over to mens and the fitting room and quickly see the very narrow opening and realize I'm going to have to take my very quiet gremlins out of the stroller.  I took them out and went into my very large fitting room where all hell broke loose!

At first it was cute, they posed in front of the mirror, blew kisses at themselves then they began running around me, through my legs and finally as I was going to grab my 3 year old from opening the curtain, my 2 year old had already opened the curtain to sing, "Good Morning Baltimore".  There I was completely topless with all my motherhood goodness hanging out for all the thankfully not straight men to see.  College Spring Break, Countless Bachelorette parties and wild nights in New York and I had never in my life had a full Monty experience.  Needless to say, I did not buy a thing and on a very cold New York City day and felt my body burning from the inside out from the total and utter humiliation!

Coping With Cancer as a Family

Posted By lola82 on Oct 8, 2010 at 11:56AM

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I'd like to share a story about a small way my family coped with my mom's breast cancer.

When my mom found out she had breast cancer, it came as a huge shock. She was happy and healthy, and went to her usual annual mammogram feeling like there was nothing to worry about. But before the results came back, she inadvertently felt a lump while changing and knew something wasn't right. She spent the weekend dreading the Monday phone call from the doctor. Fast forward to right before her chemotherapy. My mom was scared about starting the treatment and the possible side effects she'd be experiencing shortly, not the least of which was losing all her hair.

Hair loss during chemotherapy is often as traumatizing for women as losing a breast. After all, both symbolize our femininity and power as women in society, and losing that identity when it's not your choice can be devastating. Many women take control by cutting their hair short or shaving it completely before clumps start falling out. Having a hair-cutting party with your kids not only can help take your mind off the treatment, but it also can help them understand how the household and you will be changing while you go through the process.

My mom, my sister, and I planned such a night right before she was set to start her treatment. Even though my sister and I were both adults living in other cities, having this night to come together and make light of a serious situation was vital to keeping us sane as a family. We broke out the wine, the scissors, and the electric razor and went to town on my mom's hair, transforming her from typical 50-something to mohawk-sporting rocker to Sinead O'Connor throughout the night.

Fast forward again to 4 years later, and my mom is once again healthy and happy, but we always have the pictures of her mohawk and memories of that night. No matter what the age, it is hard to cope with the illness of a parent. Some people may think that shielding their young children from the harsh realities of cancer or other diseases is the best solution, but I think that finding a way for them to help out is good for everyone. If your family has had to go through a similar situation, how did you include your children in your fight against a serious illness?

Could i be pregnant after i stopped taking my last 9 pills?

Posted By jayniell on Aug 1, 2010 at 10:43PM

could i be pregnant?,my partner and i had an active intercourse after i stopped the pills.i bleed for two weeks started June 28,(and have a active intercourse)July 23 i took preg home test and negative,i undergone blood test last July 29 still negative and now i still haven't had my menstruation.my menstruation cycle usually is 28days.and im not taking pills now a days i discontinue using it since last June 26...

What You Really Need to Know About Motherhood

Posted By babysugar on Jun 19, 2010 at 4:00AM

Somebody once told me that motherhood is like a secret society. It's full of dirty little secrets that no one says aloud because they might scare people away. While pregnancy and parenting books are filled with tips and tricks to get you through various situations, only your closest girlfriends are willing to tell you the truth. We've rounded up some of our favorite insights about pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood. Check them out!

Pregnancy and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Postnatal Short Shirts

Itchy Epidural

Birthing Class

Smells Like Maple Syrup

Bath Obsession

Shared Postpartum Rooms

Numero Dos

The "H" Word

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Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me: Texting Across the Table

Posted By babysugar on May 13, 2010 at 9:00AM

Parents don't realize how easy they have it before their lil ones speak. Mom and dad can sit at the dinner table and talk about their days and the toys they have stowed away for a rainy day. Once tots can better understand, mama might find herself s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g out dinner selections for dad in hopes that her offspring won't derail her nutritious meal plan. But when precocious kids begin honing their reading skills, the luxury of free speech between grown-ups quickly disappears. Past generations of parents turned to obsolete languages like Pig Latin or Yiddish to kid-proof their conversation. With technology, today's parents have a new option – texting!

At a recent dinner party, a fellow mama told me that she and her husband have taken to texting each other – even when they are under the same roof – so their kids aren't privy to their conversation. We've discussed the many ways tech products can make motherhood easier, but how do you feel about bringing your phone to the dinner table?